Post by Pedro Miguel da Fonseca Marques Ferrei » Fri, 18 Mar 1994 21:58:08

Hi fellow AMIGA programmer's and hackers! I'm a new amiga owner and i would
like to begin programming some stuff for the amiga,and, for that matter, i
have to find info about almost anything very quickly. There isn't much info
popping around so,i'm asking you guys to help me on this,please !
If possible,mail me the answers .If not , just post them on this article.
So, here's the list:

        1 - Location of C/C++/ASSEMBLY shareware/public domain compilers
                & documents for it's use with AMIGA computers.
                PRIORITY:DICE(shareware) A68k(public/shareware)

        2 - All kinds of amiga programming info & techinques (software &
                hardware (Original Chip System,Enhanced, & AA).If
                possible, computer (software) documents and not books!

        3 - Sound playing info

        4 - Commodore include's

        5 - Contacts worldwide to spread my programs

        6 - Sugestions to programs / games etc... also welcome!

(you got the picture)

Inccidently,my AMIGA computer is a AMIGA 1200 (no hd yeat,sorry..) with 2Mb
RAM and only an internal Floppy drive , WB 3.0 crossdos & Kick 3.xx
So,please take that in consideration but i want info on every amiga computer!

        Thanks in advance
        Pedro Ferreira
        Electronics Dep.
        Coimbra University (Portugal)

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1. Looking for A2000 Wildfire H/W programming info


 I have an A2000 Wildfire which I'd like to use under Linux
(sometimes..).  At this time there are no linux drivers for the onboard
SCSI or ethernet.

 Its my understanding that DKB contracted the driver developement
(ethernet was done in Germany ?), and I'd like to get in touch with
these developers in order to write low-level drivers for the
SCSI/ethernet ports, which I'd donate back to the the Amiga community.

 Mostly what i need is low-level port/interrupt info for the chips and


P.S. please respond by email in case I don't get back here in awhile ;)

ron flory
kechi, Kansas

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