TBCII and 2090a+HD

TBCII and 2090a+HD

Post by Glenn Car » Thu, 24 Sep 1992 16:35:46

for sale
1 PTBCII card for use with the toaster fits in the PC slots in your 2000 or
3000 $600.00 obo

2090a Hd controller with 40 meg rodine MFM drive this controller will work
with up to 9 drives 2 mfm and 7 SCSI drives for 2000 only $150.00

2090a HD controller with no drive $60.00 OBO

buyer pays shipping on all items

I can be contacted at the address below leave a message with your phone
number or call me at 504-455-6882

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1. Only $100 for: Rodime 40 Meg HD MFM AND Amiga 2090A HD controller

the address in the reply-to field. do NOT press 'r' or 'R' to reply to the
correct person. news problems have led me to post thru a friend's acct.)
(my xsbb13 acct which this posting was originally posted under has been
deleted, so please follow the new email instructions if you want to buy.)

As the title says: $100 for HD and controller.

(someone else posted the same price for their combo. Reduces my profit, but
some profit is better than none)

I prefer to sell it as a package, since an amiga user gets a HD setup for
just $100, but if I get offers for both seperately, I'll sell them as follows:

$60 for the drive, $60 for the controller. (This is encouragement to buy
both. for only $40 more, you get the other piece of hardware)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You, the buyer, pay all shipping, packaging and/or COD costs.
I go to a store called mailboxes etc. when our transaction is finalized and
they pack it. No charge for labor either. Nice people!

The controller is in a static-free bag. The HD is in a box, protected from dust.
I haven't had a problem with the setup. You'll want to run a format on the
HD to nuke all my old stuff. Nothing interesting there anyways. Any commercial
game on the HD requires the manual to the game or a key disk, so pirating
won't work. Good luck with the PD stuff. Simplest thing is just to use
HDtoolbox or something and nuke it all, since it's at capacity. You might
want the 12 megs of PD songs I d/l'ed from ab20 way back when, though :-)
If the stuff gets sold seperately, and an IBM person gets the HD, he'll
have to nuke it to use it.

These aren't heavy items, so I'm sure you can afford the $5 or whatever
shipping. (UPS is expensive these days, but shipping shouldn't top $10, and
I'll be surprised if it tops $5.) Packaging might be another $2 or $3, but
all in all a good deal.

Transaction protocol: Upon agreement to purchase, I take the stuff to the
store to be packaged, and discover shipping price to your zip code. I then
inform you of total price, itemized by my profit, packaging, and shipping.
You then inform me when the payment is in the mail. I then take the stuff back
to the store to pay shipping, and the store gives it to UPS.

I've sold a cd player, a microwave oven, and a stereo this way, as well as
a few amiga games with no trouble, stuff and payment arriving to the respective




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