FS: Monitor: NEC MultiSync 2A. 14" .28dp. Best Offer!

FS: Monitor: NEC MultiSync 2A. 14" .28dp. Best Offer!

Post by Daniel Schmit » Sat, 24 May 1997 04:00:00


NEC MultiSync 2A monitor. 14" screen, .28 dot-pitch.

There is nothing wrong with this beast, however it must be noted that the
original 9-pin connector has been replaced with a 23-pin Amiga connector.
If you are using an Amiga, especially A300, this monitor should suit you
perfectly.  Otherwise, I can provide you with the pin-out, so you can
replace the plug.  No, I don't have the original 9-pin plug any longer.

Please note that this monitor does NOT scan down to PAL/NTSC 15khz modes.

I am not sure what this beasie is worth, so I'm asking $50.

Please make an offer, I'd really like to free up some space!



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NEC MultiSync 3D 14" monitor for $120 obo.
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Buyer pays shipping. Prepaid or COD only.
email me with questions
Nathan Hollinger

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