FS: Amiga 2000 loaded - $450.00 or BO

FS: Amiga 2000 loaded - $450.00 or BO

Post by SSSiko » Tue, 04 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Commodore Amiga 2000 Computer, Software & Books For Sale

Amiga 2000 CPU With 1 Meg Graphics Chip
        Amiga Dos Version 2.04
2630 - Commodore 68030 Accelerator
        2 Meg Of 32-Bit Ram
GVP SCSI controller
        8 Meg 16-Bit Ram
        FastROM Chip
Commodore 2386 BridgeBoard Converted To A 486sx 50
        8 Meg Of Ram
        5 ?" High Density Floppy Drive
        105 Meg Quantum Hard Card
        1 Meg Video Card
Flicker Free Video 2
1gig Quantum SCSI Hard Drive
Commodore 1084 Monitor
1680 - Commodore 1200 Baud Modem
Commodore 3 ?" External Floppy Drive
Perfect Sound - Sound Sampler Hardware
DigiView 2 - Video Sampler Hardware

        Manx C-Compiler
        DICE C-Compiler
        Imagine 3-D Software
        Vista Pro Software
        Deluxe Video 3 Paint Program
        Infocom Games
        15 Miscellaneous Commercial Games
        100 Public Domain Disks (That include compilers, 3-D programs, programmer
        Many other miscellaneous disks and utilities

        Most of the programming books from Abacus
        Kernal, Includes & Autodocs, and Intuition programmers reference from
        Books for all of the software

I want to unload all of this together, please don't ask me to break up the
Below are my e-mail addresses, please make me an offer.

        Phone:  609-476-2903