FS new FastLane Z3 Fast SCSI-II & RAM card

FS new FastLane Z3 Fast SCSI-II & RAM card

Post by Bill Mil » Tue, 14 Feb 1995 05:37:07

I have a Fastlane Z3 card sitting in stock for too long now.  It has
seen some light use in product demonstrations, but has not been sold
before, so the 1 year warranty will still be in effect for whoever
purchases it.

        FAST SCSI-II DMA controller for A4000 030 or 040 machines (must
        have Commodore's CPU card, not third party).

        32-bit Zorro interface

        Up to 7 MB/Sec asynchronous transfer, up to 10MB/sec synchronous
        transfer in SCSI bus

        configurable with up to 256M FAST RAM

        Includes DynamiCache disk caching software and CDrive CD-ROM
        filesystem (I've seen some retailers unbundling this and
        charging extra).

Suggested retail is $599, I've seen them mail order for $550, asking
$500 for this one.

Be seeing you...
-Bill Mills

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