lightpen interface

lightpen interface

Post by grant eb » Wed, 28 Aug 1991 20:45:17

I have a lightpen that I got for my 64, and would like to use it on the
Amiga. Does anyone have software that will let me emulate a mouse?

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Dear all,

I'd like to emulate the use of a touch screen for a user interface project
and have found an old lightpen with schematics intended for use with a c64.

1) Can I use a c64 lightpen with an amiga (joystick port)?

2) If not, does anyone have plans for a light pen on the amiga?

3) Do any programs exist that make use of lightpens on the amiga
   (including source code to get them working)? - I'm especially
   interested in Blitz Basic code.

Thanks for any help.

stu birchall

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