Misc. Amiga items forsale

Misc. Amiga items forsale

Post by MATTHEW DESANT » Tue, 27 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Here are some items that were used with my 1200.

Megalosound - 8bit sound sampler (stereo) ..... $20
USRobotics 28800 external w/ac adapter/docs.... $40
USRobotics 33600 external w/ac adapter          $45
Amiga MIDI interface (serial) in,out,thru ..... $25


1. misc amiga/video items forsale

We have the following items forsale. Please buy them.

Micropolis 2217AV IDE  1.5 gig (formatted)                      $700
        This is a great drive for the DPS PAR. Still in
        the box. Still in plastic wrap. Still under
        warrenty. Never opened.

Power User SCSI 4x external cd-rom.                             $150
        A nice little quadspeed drive. Has SCSI passthrough,
        supports digital audio extraction is in excellent shape
        and works like a champ.

Opalvision 24bit NTSC board                                     $100
        Fits in the video slot of the 2000/3000/4000.
        Gives 24 NTSC RGB video. Works great with Imagefx
        and other graphics programs. Lots of third party
        support on aminet.

Microway Flicker Fixer AGA-2000                                 $100
        Fits in the video slot of the 2000/3000/4000
        and delivers the beautiful deinterlaced video
        that those pesky 3000 owners have been holding
        over your head.

First born child.
        Sex undetermined. Shipping around the end of April.     $2500

Looking for a 3640 or Warp Engine for an Amiga 3000. Microphones
and other Audio or Lighting equiptment.

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