BADGE Meetings.

BADGE Meetings.

Post by Wade Bick » Thu, 24 Oct 1991 08:16:24

Does the BADGE group (Bay Area Developers Group) still exist?

If so would someone please let me know where and when they meet?



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BADGE Meetings.

Post by Thad P Flory » Thu, 24 Oct 1991 20:20:23

| Does the BADGE group (Bay Area Developers Group) still exist?
| If so would someone please let me know where and when they meet?

Good question.  I "sort of" arranged the meetings for the past year (assuming
the task from Mike Meyer who assumed the task from Chuck McManis who assumed
the task from Tom Rokicki who assumed the task from Brett Glass), and have been
posting the meeting notices for the past 4 years or so.

The last meeting of which I'm aware was the August 1991 meeting hosted by
HT Electronics in Sunnyvale CA, at which Bob Rethemeyer discussed/demo'd the
BTNtape, Dale Luck demo'd some new graphics software, and HT Electronics demo'd
some new CD-ROM sub-systems they're building/selling for the Amiga.

The BADGE meetings were normally held at the SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator
Center) Main Auditorium (with an INCREDIBLE projection TV system!) thanks to
the efforts of Willy Langeveld (VLT author and BIX co-moderator) who helped in
arranging that, and to my later efforts with SLAC's Public Affairs Office
arranging and committing to meetings for 1991 (and beyond).

I posted a "Call for Help/Speakers/Assistance" in early September because it wa
difficult finding speakers/developers/vendors willing to discuss their works.

To date (since that posting), I've received only 4 inquiries:

        one from Mike ("Distant Suns") Smithwick who stated he will instead
        write a magazine article,

        one from Dave Navas offerring (possibly) two speaking engagements,

        one from Bob Rethemeyer, asking if there's been any meetings recently,

        one from (another person who just moved to this area) asking when the
        BADGE meetings were held.

Given the lack of response, there wasn't a meeting in September.

Given the lack of response, there wasn't a meeting in October (it would have
been held October 17).

I dunno.  Given the declining attendance at BADGE the past year, *IS* there
any interest in continuing the meetings?

If others would like to help out scheduling the meetings, seeking-out and
securing speakers, etc. that'd be GREAT!

If someone else would like to take over the meeting arrangements, etc. let me
know and I'll hand-over all the contact info (re: whom to contact for the
meeting room, how to arrange for video projector setup, etc.).

Though I informed Pauline at SLAC to "deschedule" BADGE meetings at SLAC for
the remainder of 1991, the auditorium is still available if needed.

Another possibility is to arrange with HT Electronics for the use of their
facilities; the one meeting there DID draw a large crowd (but the proprietor
commented to me afterwards that BADGE attendees only purchased ONE magazine
during that evening, so it's not exactly profitable to keep his shop open for
2-1/2 hours later than normal (8PM) on Thursdays).

Is the location of HT Electronics "better" than SLAC?  Remember that BADGE
often had speakers/attendees from out-of-town, so proximity to major freeways
and/or airports "might" be important.

Comments on all these issues are invited; I suggest PUBLIC postings to bring
as many as possible into the discussion (I get too much email to respond in a
timely fashion; at present I'm about 3-4 weeks behind.  Consider that it takes
about 5 minutes to respond to an email, and that I get 10-50 emails and 5-10
phone calls a day ... I'll NEVER catch up  :-(  

I do scan headers of postings, though, for "interesting" subjects.


BADGE Meetings.

Post by Dave Hans » Sun, 27 Oct 1991 23:28:09


>Given the lack of response, there wasn't a meeting in September.
>Given the lack of response, there wasn't a meeting in October (it would have
>been held October 17).
>I dunno.  Given the declining attendance at BADGE the past year, *IS* there
>any interest in continuing the meetings?

We've had a similar experience here in the midwest with our Fox Valley AMUSE
users' group.  Idea burn-out affects the organizers, lack of participants
(volunteers) slows new ideas, etc.  About our biggest meeting is in December
when the club buys pizza and soda, and gives away about $200. in new software
gifts.  We'll get about 100 members that night, but by January, we're down to
the usual 30-50 people.  We've tried instructional sessions, "show us your
Startup-Sequence", we have a new game demo at each meeting (we buy the latest
hot game from one of the local stores, a member learns it the week before the
meeting and demos it, then we raffle it off), inviting any local developers in
to show us their products (there's not a lot of developers in the Chicagoland
to do that).  We have the complete FF disks available for $2./ea and seem to
be really down in this only revenue other than yearly dues.  It's not easy to
keep up the "dog & pony show" that most attendees expect.  Depressing!

Perhaps organizers such as you, Thad, and others of us that are on the nets
could find some niche newsgroup to exchange new ideas on how to bolster up
this situation.  I haven't seen a lot of support from C-A on this, other than
the CDTV promo letter that came out a couple months ago for earning your
users' group a CDTV unit by demoing it in public places.  Newsletter exchanges
help a little, if one can find the time to read them.  Soft-Logik has a
newsletter exchange section on their BBS but not many groups upload theirs.
I'd hate to hear that a prestigous group such as BADGE expire.  Is there a
common place that we can electronically organize and help one another out?


BADGE Meetings.

Post by Don Rumfo » Tue, 29 Oct 1991 01:40:32

Dave, why not show them our new tape, people are getting very e*d about this one.  Here's the info.

     My name is Don Rumford and this is a form letter that goes to all those
interested in the Amy-Mation video.  Sorry for the lack of personal touch but
the response has been some what overwhelming.

I am the technical advisor, bbs sysop, video sig chairman for the AFIT Amiga
Users Group in Dayton, OH.  Eric Schwartz is a member of our group and our bbs
is where his animations originate.  We have been enjoying Eric's work for some
time and I thought that he made a very good story.  So I got together with our
local public access television station and proposed a script.  The operations
manager was so enthusiastic about it he volunteered to direct it.  As of Oct.
12th it was officially released and is now showing on our local cable channel.

The show is basically a one hour video magazine that in this first episode
features an interview with Eric Schwartz.  We start with his earliest animation
"How to run into a wall" and go through almost all of them to "Flip the Frog in
the Dating Game".  All of the Aerotoons and Juggette anims as well as Amy the  
Squirrel(our club mascot) and Anti-Limmings are included.  There are some Amy  
anims that have never been released as we used them for a talk I did at our
local computerfest one year.  Eric actually draws Amy in about two minutes and
she pops off the screen and on to the table in front of us where she remains  
for the rest of the show.

We are making this available to anyone interested simply to share our
experiences with Eric with everyone else, most particularly other users groups.
We are not trying to get rich or exploit this very talented individual but we  
have to cover the costs of doing this and make a little for our bbs fund.

The tape runs 57 minutes on NTSC vhs format and is of commercial signal
quality.  We are asking for $19.95 + $3.00 s/h  US be sent to me at;

           16 Schneider Dr.
           Fairborn, OH 45324   USA

Please allow 2-4 wks for delivery.  A part of this money does go to Eric who is
in art school and could use it.  Personal checks will require that they clear
before shipment.

For those who are not in the states we are trying to find a source to make PAL
versions of our tape but to date are getting prices of $1.00 a minute.  We are
working on this and hope to have a solution for you soon.

I have already been asked about distribution hubs in different parts of the
world and this also makes a lot of sense to us.  If you can provide this
service and want to get rights to distribute in an area and a copy of the

node 1:110/300 in Dayton OH, telephone number (513)879-9798.  If you would
like to buy quantities of the tape for resale a price break would be available
at 24 copies.

I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to making many new Amigos.  If  
this works out we will possibly be making a series out of this.

                                                    Don Rumford

AFIT Amiga Users BBS/UFGateway |Don Rumford - via FidoNet node 1:110/300
    1:110/300 Dayton, Ohio     |UUCP: afitamy!rumford

Don R. Rumford       postmaster(afitamy.uucp)    sysop AFITAUG BBS 1:110/300


1. March 1991 BADGE Meeting notice

BADGE (Bay Area Amiga Developers' GroupE) will host its March 1991 meeting
at 7:30 PM in the SLAC Main Auditorium, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park (just
north (logical east) of I-280) on Thursday, Mar. 21, 1991.  Admission is free.
Everyone is welcome to attend although the meetings are oriented to the Amiga
developer community.

BADGE meetings are the third Thursday of every month, and BADGE has the SLAC
Auditorium available for at least the remainder of 1991.  HT Electronics has
tentatively offered us the use of their facilities in Sunnyvale; this can be
discussed at Thursday's meeting.

As of this moment (Wed, 20-Mar-1991), there is NO scheduled speaker; if you'd
like to contribute a few minutes of your time talking about your present work
and/or participate in a general and/or Q&A meeting, feel welcome to attend.

ALREADY scheduled for *FUTURE* BADGE meetings in the months ahead are:

1) Commodore presenting the Amiga UNIX SVR4, and
2) SAS Institute presenting a technical session on SAS/C for the Amiga.

Identify yourself at SLAC's guard booth as a BADGE attendee and park in the
visitors' lot to the right, then walk across the driveway to the Auditorium.

For those arriving from out-of-town, Palo Alto is the nearest major city.  SLAC
is 20-30 minutes from either the San Francisco or San Jose airports.  For those
who've asked: SLAC == Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, the home of Amiga VLT
and Willy Langeveld (VLT's author and BIX's Amiga Forum Co-Moderator).

        work: +1 (408) 985-7100 (M-F 11a-7p PST), or
        home: +1 (415) 961-5157 (M-F  9p-12m PST, and weekends)

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