NEC 3D monitor good condition.

NEC 3D monitor good condition.

Post by Doug » Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:00:00

NEC 3D monitor, good condition.
Asking $240 O.B.O.
Buyer pays shipping and handling.


1. FS A3000 /w NEC 3D monitor and a NEC 3D monitor

A3000 /w FPU and MMU, 540 SCSI hard drive, 2mb chip ram and 8mb fast ram,
880k floppy drive, NEC 3D monitor, Vista Pro 3.0 /w software and manuels,
2.1 O.S., and load with other software. Asking $1200 O.B.O
Also a NEC 3D monitor asking $150.
Buyer pays for Shipping and handling.

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3. FS A3000 /w NEC 3D monitor and a NEC 3D monitor.

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