FS: ROM Kernel Reference Manual.

FS: ROM Kernel Reference Manual.

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ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libs. and Devs.Aug. 1988 6th printing
Best offer + $3bucks shipping takes it.
Last offer accepted will be 7 oct.  Who ever is the highest get it.
NO OFFER REFUSED 1 cent + shipping will do.

Larry Westfall.


1. FS: *OLD* manuals, books, and magazines from 1989 - ROM Kernel Reference Manuals, etc.

Don't know what they're worth so I'll take offers on:

Lattice C++ - version 1.0!

Amiga Hardware Manual
Amiga ROM Kernel Ref. Manual:
        Includes & Autodocs
        Revised & Updated
Amiga ROM Kernel Ref. Manual:
        Libraries & Devices
        Revised & Updated

The AmigaWorld Tech Journal
        - the first year!
        - 6 issues.  I think I still have the disks.

Compute!'s Amiga Machine Language Programming Guide.

Programmer's Guide to the Amiga (Robert A. Peck)

Introduction to the Commodore Amiga 2000

Amiga System Programmer's Guide - Abacus
AmigaDOS Inside & Out - Abacus

A couple issues of Amiga Transactor.

2. corr. braces

3. FS: Amiga Rom Kernel Reference Manuals, complete set + SAS/C

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5. FS: Amiga Programming Books and ROM Kernel Reference Manuals

6. PsiDat v1.15 Released

7. Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work? Could it be the old IBMKBD.SYS?

8. FA: Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual-Devices

9. FA on eBay: Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries & Devices - $2