cbm, this is not stup

cbm, this is not stup

Post by robert buonincontr » Sat, 15 Aug 1992 05:28:16

DP>Correction.  About three million people have purchased Amigas.  That
DP>doesn't mean that three million are still using their Amigas, and it
DP>most certainly does not mean that three million people are ready,
DP>willing, and financially able to shell out the money for a package
DP>like Excel.

 I am, I can understand Microsoft not releasing their entire line but they
could really compete in the Spreadsheat market on the Amiga. I think there
are more users out there then you think who are interested in purchasing
Microsoft Exel for $200-$400. I would jump as easily on Microsoft Word, I've
used it and don't really think its that great. Microsoft Excel, Yes I would!

 PS: I can understand companies like Microsoft and Wordperfect not wanting
     to put money into development. What about if a large Amiga company like
     say GVP was given the rights to port EXCEL over to the Amiga. Just a
     thought, other companies have done it.
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WORK! I thought about master/slaving the two, would I use the serial port,
or the paralell? It's an amiga 500. I dont know the specs, because so far
I've just been really confused. An ibm emulator would let me put in IBM
disks, and have it be able to read them? Anyway, if I master/slave can I
transmit data freely? Would it be possible? Do I need to bo online in some
way? thanks,

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