2K and 4K memory refresh rate for WarpEngine

2K and 4K memory refresh rate for WarpEngine

Post by r.. » Tue, 15 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I am thinking of adding some more memory to my WarpEngine.  And when I
went to look at prices I saw that there were different refresh rates,
and from doing a little more research it depends on the memory
controller which would be more appropriate to use.  So which can I use
with a WE, 2k or 4k refresh rate memory?


1. DKB2632 board, what kind of SIMMS (2k or 4k refresh) to use?


I have a DKB 2632 board that I would like to expand with some 16 or 32 MB
Simms.  What kind of refresh does the 2632 require?  Will an 8 chip
16MB (or for that matter a 16 chip 32MB) Simm work?  Or do I have to
get a 16 chip 16 MB Simm (really two logical 8 MB Simms)?
P.S.:  I think most EDO simms are able to do fast page mode (required by
        the 2632).  Has anybody tried EDO Simms (apart from me and
        they worked fine :-) )? I am asking because they are the same
        price or cheaper than page mode (I do know that it won't run
        any faster)

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