oh no... HD1:REORG :( any diskdoct

oh no... HD1:REORG :( any diskdoct

Post by John Hendri » Thu, 25 May 1995 04:00:00

In a message of 22 May 95 Greg Hope wrote to All:

 PEH>> the time of your solution.  Besides, the partition isn't really
 PEH>> "optimized"
 PEH>> with reformat+reinstallation.  ReOrg does much more than just

 GH> Pardon me but it is. All my fragged files are now back in one peice.
 GH> What would YOU call that?

ReOrg does more than that.  It also defrags your dir structure, this means it
puts all fileheaders tightly together on your harddrive.  This increases dir
access speed a lot.  Backing up and restoring is probably the WORST thing you
could do, the dir structure will be messed up completely resulting in very poor
directory listing speeds.  Even DirCache filesystems benefit from ReOrging.

(BTW, DirCache filesystem seems to be not quite as good as we think.  I
frequently have problems with it on my download partition which tends to be
very full).

 PEH>> with reformat+reinstallation.  ReOrg does much more than just
 PEH>> de-fragment
 PEH>> your files.  And it is just as safe as your method, because you'll

 GH> Yeah I know. It completely ruins the chances of a fix by a fixit prog.

Why?  If you're backing up and restoring, then why not just back it up and
replace 'restoring' with reorging?  It is faster too, not to mention the extra
dir-list performance you will get.  I ReOrg about once every 3-6 months, after
I have done a complete backup (on tape :-)))

 PEH>> your files.  And it is just as safe as your method, because you'll
 PEH>> always
 PEH>> have the backups if there's a power failure or whatever when ReOrg
 PEH>> does its
 PEH>> thing (I have *never* seen ReOrg crash or otherwise fail by itself).

 GH> You also have more chance of a stuffup. In my way, I have an
 GH> unfragmented backup and an unfragmented original, both of which can be
 GH> fixed if needed.

The files are unfragmented yes, dir structure however is a complete mess.

 GH> I also have a drive with all sectors freshly marked.

That may be interesting for floppies, but hard-drives really don't care about
that kind of stuff anymore (you don't use verify either when restoring your
backups to harddisk now do you?)

 PEH>> I can't believe you're saying ReOrg is a "very BAD idea". It is a very

 GH> Oh I think you can. I have used a reorg prog before and it totally
 GH> stuffed the disk and made it completely unrecoverable. I cant believe
 GH> you are advocating it's use.

ReOrg works for me.  I just follow 2 guidelines while using reorg:

 - reset computer and only start ReOrg (don't do any multitasking, a bad
   idea anyway since ReOrg needs as much mem as it can get)
 - convincing myself that my HD is free of structural errors (when used
   normally this should never be a problem).

Other than that I ofcourse make a safety copy of my important stuff.

 PEH>> good
 PEH>> idea, and an excellent implementation of it.  The BAD idea is to ReOrg

 GH> Nope. Reorg is NEVER a good idea. Have yourself a problem on your disk
 GH> and kiss the contents goodbye.

I never have problems with my HD, not even on my 6 year old 210 Quantum.  I
have had a read/write error occasionally because of reseting during HD access,
but other than that I haven't had an (unintentional) error on my HD(s) ever.

 PEH>> your
 PEH>> drives WITHOUT BACKING UP YOUR FILES FIRST.  Sorry about the shouting.

 GH> The bad idea is to use reorg at all! In any case, as you should well
 GH> know, reorg doesnt do much for the drive. Reformatting of a heavily used
 GH> drive should be done 4-6 weekly. Backups should be done as much as
 GH> possible! ;-}

Huh?  Reformatting every 4-6 weeks?  Well then I guess my HD must be about dead
by now since I never formatted it (except quick format but that doesn't count
in this case) since the day I bought it.  HD's are very stable now, stuff like
verify, re-formatting or remarking sectors is not needed anymore.

Besides don't HD's always read/write entire tracks at once?  They don't have
512K (in my case) cache memory for that on board for nothing.

Grtz John
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1. oh no... HD1:REORG :( any diskdoctor hel

Thusly Greg Hope spake unto Kevin Allan Donald Carter:

 KADC>> prat that
 KADC>> says to avoid ReOrg or any defragging programs is a genuine fool with

 GH> The fool who is a genuine prat who says to use it risks everyone using it
 GH> also
 GH> losing it. Dont bother to try and recover the drive after reorging if you
 GH> have
 GH> problems. For every GOOD report on reorg, I have heard at LEAST 4 bad
 GH> reports.

Emotions may be running a little high, but ReOrg always worked good for
me, and I must've used it 20-30 times. If you've read a lot of bad
reports about reorg, remember that noone goes shouting about that

 KADC>> time on his hands than good sense. OF COURSE you backup your hard
 KADC>> drives, but
 KADC>> this has nothing to do with defragging your drive. You backup in case

 GH> Rubbish!! Backup, reformat and reinstall. Always no fragmentation when I
 GH> do
 GH> that.

Sure, but backing up is a pain when you've got a 540MB or bigger HD but
no tape storage. It's not always there's enough room in other partitions
to move stuff there while their partition is being formatted either.

Offcourse, if anything goes wrong while you're reorging, you're screwed,
but backing up 500MB to floppies? No thanks...
Defragmenting IS risky, but if you're gonna do it, I've found ReOrg
to be the best choice (better than say QBTools).

 GH> Rgs, Greg.

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