New Amiga-related Mailing List

New Amiga-related Mailing List

Post by Mike Ha » Wed, 29 Sep 1993 11:42:06

Hi, Folks...

JForth is a state-of-the-art implementation of the Forth language
developed specificaly for the Amiga.  It is marketed by
Delta Research, P.O. Box 151051, San Rafael CA 94915-1051
(415) 453-4320.  Several successful commercial products have
been written in JForth, including the #1-rated B.A.D. Disk
Optimizer.  Some popular PD/Shareware packages include Textra
and the LCD Calculator.

This note is to announce a new JForth mailing list that has
been setup by our friend in L.A., Marlin Sch*e.  It actually
is not restricted to only JForth-related information; feel free
to post info/questions about Textra, LCD Calculator, HMSL, etc,
or any general Forth-oriented issue.

The list's host is the AmigaNonymous BBS, located in San Diego,
California.  All list participants are invited to visit the BBS.
By mentioning the Amiga Forth Mailing List you will be accorded
a complimentary membership.  The board will carry all the latest
public domain and shareware Forth archives as available.  Here's
the requisite info:

        +1-619-477-2368 (9600 baud v32)
        +1-619-477-0246 (2400 baud)

There are three additional member's lines once you register.  All
lines are full duplex, 8 data bits, no stop bit, and 1 parity bit.
XModem, YModem, and Zmodem file transfer protocols are supported.

As Marlin points out, replies to posts will not go to back to the
list (but to the original author).  So if you intend to reply back
to the list, you'll have to change the reply address to that noted

A big hand to Marlin (again) for his enthusiastic support.  See you

Here's the scoop from Marlin...

I have created 3 new mailboxes:

Basic address to post a message on the list, carbon copies would
go to all other members of anything written to this address.

The address to request or cancel subscription to the list.  A
message posted here goes to the list administrator's mail box.
Messages should contain the address the subscriber wishes added
to or removed from the list in the body of the text.

For any other list business write to this address.  It will be
forwarded to the list administrator's mailbox.

All of the above will be active by the time that you read this.
Please note that if you receive any mail via the list that a reply
to that mail will go to the original author and will not appear on
the list.  Posts intended for public dissemination via the list
must be posted to the list address above.

If you have any files that are more or less ready for public domain
or shareware release, you could send them along as .lha files that
are then uuencoded via e-mail, or you could just send floppies via
US Mail.