wnt trade amiga games & stuff for PC stuff

wnt trade amiga games & stuff for PC stuff

Post by RedRed » Fri, 07 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I am interested in trading in this amiga stuff
2400 baud modem
3.5 external drive
Shadow of the Beast III
Mortal Combat
Treasure trap
Indiana jones and the last crusade
action fighter
Colonels bequest
Where in world & time
James Bond Stealth Affair
Kings Quest 5
Police quest 3Nascar Challeng Bill Elliot
Bad dudes
and more which I can list if you write to me

for any of the following Ibm or clone parts
high density 3.5 drive
hard drive
video card svga or vga
moniter vga or svga
minitower or case


1. WTD: Trade PC stuff for Amiga stuff?

Subject: WTD: PC stuff for Amiga stuff?
Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 2:29 AM

Hello. I have some PC stuff that I would like to trade for some Amiga stuff.
This is what I have

Diamond Monster II -3DFx II card
Banshee - VGA/3DFx II based card with 16Megs of Ram
Tyan Tsunami ATX Pentium II/III mother board(Intel BX chipset)
Intel Celeron 233Mhz(Can be overclocked to 450 without a problem)
2x Acer 32MB SDRAM DIMMs(These are rated at 66Mhz but run fine at 100Mhz)
Creative Labs DXR2 DVD Kit (Hardware MPEG2 decoder with tv output and
24xCD-Rom/2x DVD)
Yamaha SAx 16bit sound card with software XG wave table(Not a bad little
card. The soft wave table does sound good)
1gig  IDE Segate HD

I'm looking for a 10baseT Ethernet card and a DKB 3128(I think thats it) for
my Amiga 3000.


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