XVnews Killfiles (was Re: advocacy & sysadm)

XVnews Killfiles (was Re: advocacy & sysadm)

Post by Stephen Wilkins » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 02:59:02

Quote:>I dont know very well xvnews, but were is the sysadm ? It is not possible
>to close the access to disturbing peoples?

If you find out, please tell me... I'm tired of six pages of advocacy
*to page thru... Any hints on "Kill files" in xvnews?




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So much for the success of .advocacy groups. I say .advocacy groups are dying.
Look at this thread! You don't see people going over to .advocacy to get into
it. No! They're right here. I'm sure IBM and Apple support their .advocacy
groups. You can get on there with a good solid flame and it'll just work...
not only that, but you can get support for your flames even if you're using
an older subject or newsreader! You know what the real problem is? Commodore
doesn't advertise their .advocacy group properly... even with .advocacy users
doing their best to set followups and everything that doesn't replace real
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