FS: A1200/1942/030/882/XDS/etc, etc, etc...

FS: A1200/1942/030/882/XDS/etc, etc, etc...

Post by Andre Rober » Wed, 11 Dec 1996 04:00:00

The following system is for sale:

        A1200HD/40 (2.5" Int. 40 meg IDE HD, 2 meg chip RAM, KS 3.0, AGA)
        1942 Multiscan Monitor
        R&D Bigfoot Powersupply
        M-Tec 030/882 28MHz accellerator w/4 meg SIMM
        External Dataflyer XDS HD chasis
        270 meg IDE Quantum HD
        GoldenImage External 3.5" Disk Drive

All of the above items include original packaging (styrofoam, boxes, etc.),
manuals, and ALL parts (working standard powersupply and mouse, VGA<->Amiga
connector, etc.), and all original driver and utility disks.

If you wish, I will leave all of the goodies on the hard drive for you to pick
through or I will format it clean for you.  Also, if you can think of any
games that you would like, I have about 30 of them in the closet, all in
boxes, with manuals, etc.  Various productivity s/w could be thrown in too.

Pricing Options:
$1000+S&H takes all.


Make me an offer, including s/w you may be looking for. (Please don't split
the system unless you are offering an enormously large amout for one item.)

I do not need the money immediately as I am in no hurry at the moment to dump
the system.  If you are looking for one and want to offer something that is at
least the going rate for this type of system, I would appreciate your

Andre Roberge