Post by Paul K » Thu, 22 Sep 1994 09:20:29

I need a 512K RAM upgrade for my A500 to bring it up to 1MB of memory.  



1. Wanted: A500 RAM & SCSI HD Expansion Box

Hello All,
     I am looking for an expansion box for my A500 that I can put up to 8Mb of RAM and
has a SCSI controller.   Also, it would be nice if it has a separate power supply.  I
don't need a hard drive, because I already have one.  But, if the price is right I would
consider purchasing the hard drive with it.

     Ideally, I am looking for a GVP A500 Impact Series II A500-HD8 with 2Mb of RAM
with no hard drive.  But, more RAM is not a problem.    If you have something similar

     Have a Great Day! :)  :)  :)

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