Mindlight info

Mindlight info

Post by Bruce D. Beck » Fri, 19 Jul 1991 13:57:19

I recently discovered that Visual Aural Animation, supplier of the
amazing MindLight, has gone out of business.

I'd like to know what the most recent upgrade of the software is -
I have version 1.77, but I don't think it's the most recent.

Also I'd like to get a copy of the MARS I Animation source code if
anyone knows how to get it.

It probably would be helpful to contact the creators of this wonderful
product - if anybody has any leads on how to do so, please let me know.

Email or posting to comp.sys.amiga.graphics would be most useful -
if there's enough response I'll be glad to post a summary...

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1. Mindlight info wanted

        Since some of us (ok, just me :-) never saw ANYTHING about the MindLight
except for 1 or 2 two-line comments in magazines when they came out, how about
one of you satisfied customer types telling us What do you do with it?

        It had been my understanding that the MindLight was just sort of a
hardware/software package to make the Amiga into a 'light organ'.  Is that all?
Is it really that much superior to the old analog things with a/d converters and
        In a nutshell:  How about a product review!

        -- Matt


     This is a SCHOOL!  Do you think they even CARE about MY opinions?!

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