A2000/A3000 keyboard pinouts?

A2000/A3000 keyboard pinouts?

Post by Allen J. Newt » Wed, 23 Nov 1994 17:49:18


Having searched the Amiga FAQ, and also searching _for_ a hardware FAQ and
not finding one, I turn now to the readership of this group.

What are the pin specifications for Amiga 2000 and 3000 keyboards?  Does
anyone know if this is documented in any third-party books (such as Ralph
Babel's Guru Handbook)?  I read the Introduction to the A3000T which came
with my system and EVERY pinout diagram is given _except_ for the keyboard!

I have two Amigas which share one monitor and I have a switchbox for the
monitor.  I intend to design a switchbox for both the monitor and keyboard
(using two keyboards is a real pain!), but I need to know what the pins are
in order to make a sound design.

Please respond via email and I will make one post to summarize.  Thanks.

Allen J. Newton                          |