can you say KILLFILE???

can you say KILLFILE???

Post by Rick Kelle » Tue, 02 Sep 1997 04:00:00

On 01-Sep-97 13:33:47, Harlan Carroll said of Change the SUBJECT!  I dare ya!:

Quote:>I'm willing to chagne the subject header to reflect the actual topics
>discussed.  Anyone else?  I personally am sick of several of the subject
>headings that have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what anyone else is talking
>about.  Particularly Java T-shirts and Pios cs Phase5.
>Anyone willing to take me up on this?

So just killfile 'em and never deal with them again!

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1. AAA I say No. S3 I say _yes_ :)

CB>  Who needs them anyway in a fast design?

exactly. The S3 chipset does have some of the new modes and features that made
the Amiga what it was. I can't remember what Dave Haynie mentoined abou5t the
S3 but it would indeed be a viable chipset.  

CB>  But be sure, most SVGA-Chipsets have Sprites, they are just of no
CB> real use today,

        About the only thing that is beginning to use any of a chipsets
features are Windoze Graphics libs. They have a few nice screen blankers now.

CB> |> where is EVERYTHING else that a gfx chipset requires??  - seen the
CB> |> problem with the PC yet? the CPU has to do all the extra work.

        actually not with the GL software. the gfx card chip does most all the

CB>  The average PC-SVGA-Chipsset has an 20-50times faster blitter, fast
CB> chunky-pixel for 256 Colors, Hi- and true-color-modes.

        I would think the S3 is easily 100 times faster. AGA is nothing nowa
days. I would love to see AmigaOS running on a PPC604e with the S3 chipset and
some tight video code.

CB>  This doesn't ring bells? Ok, then have a look at Descent running
CB> on a low-end 486dx1-40 and an ET4000W32... Blasts every Amiga.

CB> |> Give me AAA anyday!  - and an MPEG expansion card

        Ok, give you a $100 chipset that can't play Mpeg? So add $100 more for
Mpeg and you got $200? Impliment it into the system and you cinally got about
$300? The S3 costs only $70 or so and has 100 times the power plus can play
MPEG at 30fps easily. Imagine what it wcould do with some of the talented
Amiga programmers out there. AAA is not an option, get off it.

CB>  AAA would be four times slower than a $25 low-cost ET4000W32p.

        Possibly even slower than that.

CB>  MPEG for PCI is available and costs less than $150.

        And going down.

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5. AAA I say No. S3 I say _yes_ :)

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