Blizzard PPC+SCSI Pics?

Blizzard PPC+SCSI Pics?

Post by Erik Jorda » Tue, 15 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Anybody know where I can get some hires pics of a Blizzard 603e+ (with



1. Sale: Blizzard PPC (210mhz 603e,68060 -no ram) + Blizzard Vision

DCE Blizzard PPC 210mhz w/ 68060 50mhz : $580 (USD)
Blizzard Vision: $255 (USD)

Buyer pays shipping.

I bought a bunch of stuff at the Amiga show in St. Louis, but I need to off
load a couple of items.

No offers below the above, as these are new units, unused.

I *prefer* to sell both items, so if I don't, I keep'em.


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