FA: Amiga A520 & Mouse/ c64 stuff(good stuff)

1. FS: Stuff, Stuff, Stuff and more Stuff...

Believe it or not, that was the subject of my first posting to the
Newsgroup back in March of "97" here it is September of "98" and I am
still here (although I was gone for about 5 months here recently
[March-July of "98"]) anyways...

  Just wanted to take a minute of your all's time to let you know that I
am still out here, that I am working hard on trying to not only list all
the odd's and end's that I already have around here, but to aquire new
items as well, my page's address (my Web Page that is) has changed a
bit, you can still acceess it with the old one for now, but the new one
is http://members.aye.net/~feelgood/ check it out sometime, C=64/128 and
Amiga hardware, software, and accesories, priced at or below many others
pricing in the newsgroup, so see something you need, let me know, till
then, take care, and...

                                                     Thank You: Doc!
                                                      Dr. Feelgoods
                                                     "CRAZY" C=Sales

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