* Hardware Listing

* Hardware Listing

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phase5 Products:
*Vision 64/3D 4MB Video $249
*Storm MK III 060/50    $699
*Storm PPC 200 060/50   $1199
Blizzard 1260/50            $525
Blizzard SCSI Kit IV        $119

Other Highlights:
Picasso IV 4MB Video Card   $379 (2 left in stock)
DKB Ferret SCSI-2 for Accel $69
Wizard Mouse 560DPI 3-btn   $29
Seagate 4.3GB SCSI          $265 (including adaptor for 68 or 50pin)
External CD-ROM Case&cables $69
External 32X SCSI CD-ROM    $249
Oxyron Patcher 040/060      $25 (first 20 orders were shipped, 80 copies coming)
External Seagate 4.3GB      $299
Seagate Medalist 2.1GB IDE  $159
A1200 w/Magic Bundle        $469

And finally announcing...

The phase5 PowerUP boards for the A1200:

phase5 is starting to ship the 160MHz 060/50 versions first, and we
will take your order in advance for expected delivery the second week

your name, address, and phone number.  We will offer a 5% discount to
customers who prepay for the card ($40 off).  This includes credit card
orders which are billed before March 4, 1998.

phase5 Blizzard PPC A1200
-603e 160MHz w/060/50
-SIMM sockets

$779 charged day of delivery

$739 prepaid!


1) Oxyron Patcher
2) Picasso IV
3) Seagate 4.3GB SCSI
4) *Vision 64/3D
5) *Storm MK III
6) *Storm PPC

Don't forget to check our website for many other products
including GVP-M, DPS, Y/C Plus, MicroniK, Amiga International, and

Thanks for your time.


Dimensions Computers
(203) 234-1483



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Is there anyone around that has compiled a list of new and used hardware
vendors or who knows of people who deal in amiga hardware?  Specific things
I am interested in include but are not limited to:  Zorro II slots for
my 500, trapdoor expansions (namely 286 boards) for my 500, old 1200s,
ways to accelerate my 500, anything interesting (like VHS tape backups). I
am also looking for people interested in setting up a virtual Amiga users
club (maybe an IRC channel or something).  Anyone who has information
or would like to help with the club idea please email me.  Thanks.

Cliff Friedel

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