Fastlane Z3 Fast SCSI II controller for A4000

Fastlane Z3 Fast SCSI II controller for A4000

Post by Michael Mart » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

For sale

Phase 5 Fastlane Z3 card.

High performance Fast Scsi II DMA controller for Amiga 4000.

Up to 7 MB/sec asynchronous transfer on SCSI bus, up to 10MB/sec
synchronous transfer on SCSI bus

64 MByte memory expansion option.

In good shape, in original box with manual and disks.

Selling because I bought a warp engine accellerator and it has another
SCSI controller built in.

$300 or best offer.


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        Fastlane Z3 board for sale.  Want about $300-350 (U.S.).  Will sell
out of country.  Payment in U.S. Dollar and buyer responsible for shipping).

                                                        -TKH '94

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