Does anyone have a copy of the charter for comp.(sources|binaries).amiga?

Does anyone have a copy of the charter for comp.(sources|binaries).amiga?

Post by Mike Mey » Mon, 27 Sep 1993 08:51:47

The subject line has the question in it. Alternatively, if you believe
there never was a charter, let me know why you think so.



1. comp.binaries.amiga, comp.sources.amiga status?

Disclaimer: If the facts have changed, I haven't heard about it. As far
as I'm aware these two newsgroups still remain devoid of any traffic, and
we've still got the same moderator.


Again, it seems, the uproar over our failed comp.binaries.amiga and
comp.sources.amiga moderator has dwindled to nothing.

Once more, large numbers of Amiga users demanded change and discussed the
situation to great length to no avail.

Just like the time before, and the time before that.

What the heck is happening guys? It makes me furious that one person is
standing in the way of the wish of many hundreds (thousands?) of Amiga
users to have these newsgroups operating again. I can't remember the last
time I saw anything come though in either of these groups.

I am tired of hearing about "email holes", "lack of contributions" and
other excuses.

I am utterly sick of a moderator who is almost totally uncontactable, who
*never* takes part in any discussion regarding these two newsgroups,
shows no interest in moderating them and ignores any requests to resign
the position.

What has been done about this?

A while ago there was some sort of unoffical vote taken regarding the
replacement of the current moderator. Were the results of this ever

There was also a brave effort to formalise some sort of procedure to deal
with a moderator in this position.  Did anything come of that?

The point I'm trying to make is that we seem to be going in circles.
These newsgroups remain empty and the Amiga community suffers because of
it.  Something has to be done - we can't keep giving up.

I would personally like to meet the current moderator and hand him a bill
for all the software I have had to FTP at approximately $US8/Mb which
_should_ be arriving through these groups.

So how about some suggestions?

I'm determined to see these two newsgroups operating again. What about


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