Visible Screen Height

Visible Screen Height

Post by Doug Tayl » Fri, 03 Mar 1995 04:28:16

I have an oversized Intuition Screen opened(640x800) but only 640x400
is visible. Where is the visble height information stored?
screen->Height gives me 800 as does

Thanks for any help,

Doug Taylor


Visible Screen Height

Post by Heinz Wrobe » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 05:32:28

: Thanks for any help,

No easy answer. Read up on the RKM Libraries chapter on display
information and clips.


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1. How do I remove a screen from the "visible" screens list?

I've written a program, that puts an extra bitplane on the workbench
screen, and draws a clock on it (the effect being that an "old" clock
with hands can be seen as a shadow on the screen), and it works OK.
But my problem is the way I get this bitplane. I open a screen behind
all the others - one bitplane and the same size as the workbench, and
a backdrop window on it. I then draw all the graphics on it with
areafill(every thing is made up of triangles). The bitplane is handwired
in on the wbscreen, using remake display etc( exactly the same method as
fridtjof siebert uses in WBPic). But if people drag the front screens down,
behind it all you see  the clock again, and I don't want that! I open
the screen with vphide flag set, as I understood this was the way to
open a screen, that was normal except that it didn't show up in the
viewportlist(or what it's called). But I get the same effect, no matter
what vphide is set at. So -
   What does vphide do, if not this?
And then down to the problem: The reason I open a screen in the first place,
is that I need a rastport struct and some of the structures it points to, to
draw my triangles. As I see it, almost all the structures created by
OpenScreen are nice to have for what I'm doing, so I would like some
suggestions to how I should go about it - should I remove the screen from
that list(I can't remember what it's called right now) of screens and
then RethinkDisplay(will I be able to close the screen nicely afterwards,
without putting it back), or should I get the necessary structures in
another way?
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