Wanted: A2000 Keyboard, A1000 Keyboard, or OmniKey Keyboard

Wanted: A2000 Keyboard, A1000 Keyboard, or OmniKey Keyboard

Post by Matthew Daniel Rothwe » Mon, 27 Apr 1992 08:59:38

I need a keyboard for my Amiga 1000, as I spilled water on the old one and
apparently fried it.. .ugh.

any of the following:

A2000 Keyboard
A1000 Keyboard
OmniKey Keyboard with 2000 Emulation


reply to:


1. WANTED: IBM/A2000 Keyboard ADAPTER, A2000 Keyboard, A1000 Periphs

Like the title says...

I'm looking for one of those devices that allows you to connect an IBM or
A2000 keyboard to an A1000, an A2000 keyboard (or an IBM keyboard, doesn't
matter much), and anything for the A1000 that might be out there at a good,
reasonable price (that includes everything short of ram expansion, unless
the price is very good)...

EMail replies, please, and thanks in advance...


2. 60 Hz monitor file for Picasso II?

3. Northgate Omnikey Keyboard on an A2000(/A1000)

4. Rexx Sockets for OS/2

5. wanted: (info for 4sale) Amiga to Mitsubishi Diamondscan monitor, & A2000 keyboard adapter for IBM keyboards

6. QueryPerformanceFrequency etc.

7. WANTED: A2000 keyboard case or dead keyboard

8. Pictures on the toolbar too small

9. A500 keyboard as a replacement for an A1000 keyboard?

10. A500 Keyboard -> A2000 Keyboard ?????

11. A3000 keyboard == A2000 keyboard ?

12. WANTED: Keyboard case/broken keyboard.

13. wanted: schematics for a keyboard converter (to use a pc keyboard)