28.8 modem. again... sigh.

28.8 modem. again... sigh.

Post by Ernie Souhra » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 02:15:54

Well, this looked like it had a home, but I just received it back from
UPS today because either the guy was never home or he just refused
delivery altogether.  So, here we go again.

For sale:

1 US Robotics 28.8k V.34 faxmodem.  This modem supports v.everything
except for USR's old HST standard.  Less than 1 month old and hardly
used.  I'm selling it because I need the money to pay tuition next
semester. (Isn't college great?)  Comes with documentation, power supply,
and phone cord.  (This is the EXTERNAL model - so it works with any

Terms: I'm not going to have this happen to me again - if you want to buy
it, you send me a check/money order and I'll pick up the shipping to send
the modem to you.

I'm looking to get $180 - but you can make a reasonable offer if you
think this is too high.  And I do mean reasonable.  The cheapest you can
buy these things for new is about $230 - and this is as close to new as
they come.

All flames go to NIL: