The Beast Within on Amiga's?

The Beast Within on Amiga's?

Post by Terry Somek » Fri, 03 May 1996 04:00:00

hi there,
aren't you just crazy about those Gabriel Knight mytery games.
if you know this wonderful game you'll probably know what i'm
talking about. i have this game on my pc but i wonder if there's
an Amiga version of it somewhere. it'll probably look even
better though i have some doubt about that cuz the pc version
look VERY good oh yes indeed, highly professional.

thanks, Avi Lev.


1. Astronauts play Shadow of the Beast on the Rockwell orbiter 'Endeavor'

'Rockwell orbiter' for all of you ignorant clowns is the technical
nomenclature for the colloquial 'space shuttle'.

That's right, during the last press conference with astronauts aboard
the shuttle 'Endeavor' they complained about not being able to finish
'Shadow of the Beast' without the cheat codes.

Consequently, NASA uploaded, through a satellite uplink, the crack for
the game, causing controversy through the upper echelons of Psygnosis,
who are currently taking legal action against NASA for copyright

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