Truboprint6, 7 & HP5L, HP6L

Truboprint6, 7 & HP5L, HP6L

Post by Lazy Bo » Mon, 01 Mar 1999 04:00:00


I have both Turboprint6 & 7 and a HP5l and HP6l (I do a lot of printing.

If I use Pagestream3.1b's own HP5L drivers, an A4 print will be perfectly
centred and this works through either the Amiga aprallel port or an IOBlix port.
Turboprint 6 and 7 can't seem to be able to do this.

I have tried every combination that I can think of to no avail.

Please post here.

Michael Wilkins

Kyoto, Japan.


1. HP5l HP6l TurboPrint6/7 ?


Anyone who owns a HP5L or HP6L, Pagestream3.x and TurboPrint 6/7 and can print A4 pages properly; ie: correctly centred and showing the whole page...please
email me. Please..or send me your TurboPrint6/7 prefs file.

Urgently needed.

Michael Wilkins
Kyoto, Japan.

Lots of Sushi and a few Amigas here.

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