Forsale: Misc Amiga specific and non-Amiga specific stuff

Forsale: Misc Amiga specific and non-Amiga specific stuff

Post by Jeremy Moskowi » Thu, 01 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Untested items:
        Items pulled from working systems, and worked at last check,
        buy I will not guarantee functionality...Sold As-Is)

        SupraWordsync Controller with Software
        ICD AdSpeed with Software
        1084s with recently replaced flyback transformer
                (picture is great but has a loose solder joint
                which is common with replaced flybacks...)
        Quadram Microfazer parallel printer buffer

Tested and Guaraneed to work upon arival:
        50MB Quantum SCSI 3.5 drive
        64MB Segate  IDE  2.5 Laptop/A1200/A600 drive ( < 19ms access time!)
                (comes with two connecting cables - currently IBM formatted)

I will take Best Offer on any item here. Buyer pays shipping on ALL items.
Special consideration given for package deals.

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\\ //    And when I die... please, place my ashes in the urn... -TES


1. HELP: Amiga Specific GCC stuff?

Hi, I am  currently trying to write a program for the amiga, using GCC 2.4.5,
But I have run into a slight problem..

        The GCC program is really nice, and I love it for ANSI-C stuff, but
where can I find header files to do amiga specific stuff? I have looked all
through aminet, and can't seem to find them. Are these files that Commodore has
decided that they should get payed for (like most everything else..), and if
so, do they really want people to program their machines? I think that if
anyone wants to _try_ to develop software for the AMIGA, they should at least
have access to the special chipsets, and be able to do a decent job of it.

        From What I have heard, the amiga specific headers and the like are
only available in conjunction with SAS/C and another commercial package. I am a
college student, on a tight budget as it is (Why I got GCC..), and cannot
afford to purchase a commercial development package such as SAS/C.

        Does anyone know where I can get ahold of these files, (if I can..) and
where? Thanks in advance.
  ///  "Only AMIGA makes it possible!" (When you can get the right files..)

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