fs:4000 040/16mb/1gig/buster11/cheap

fs:4000 040/16mb/1gig/buster11/cheap

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For Sale:

Amiga 4000 AGA
040 25MHz
16MB Ram
2 MB Chip
HD Floppy
3.1 OS and rom
buster 11
1 GB Maxtor hard drive
SVGA Conector
Original Box and packing
Clean and no hacks
$850 plus shipping

I like this system a lot but do not use it very much.  I want to buy a
300MHz and I run UAE on Windows 95 so I do still need an Amiga for
transfering disks.

I have posted in my other ads that I will consider trades and cash BUT
please dont offer a stock 1200 and $350!  I really want cash but if
have an Amiga system that you would want to sell after buying this
maybe we can work something out because I will need something later.

Here is a chart for STOCK systems.  I think its fair.  Let me know
custom stuff.
3000 or 1200 stock add $500 and we got a deal!
2000 stock add $650
500 stock add $775

908-359-3609 NJ USA untill 10:30pm eastern please
908-231-4731 work 8:30am - 4:30pm M-F eastern

Robert Mahle
AMD K6 200Mhz
UAE Powered by Amiga


1. FS:AMIGA 4000 040/16mb Buster11 $450 shipped!

 Amiga 4000 for sale REV B Motherboard w/ Buster11 chip! ONe of the best

Fast Ram , High Density floppy to read PC disks!works great! Very clean, good
condition.  $450 shipped in the USA! obo  Any questions

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Before you buy.

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