A3000+8up! Ram Card

A3000+8up! Ram Card

Post by Ray Brown » Wed, 23 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I remember earlier when I posted asking about compatibility between a A3000 and a 8Up! ram card
there were some questions as to whether it would work in a A3000. I installed mine today and so
far it is working flawlessly, in case anyone wondered. One more question, if I had a 8up! card
with 8megs of ram on it would a Picasso-IV card/Voodoo combo still work? Or would that be too
much ram on the bus?

Ray Browne


A3000+8up! Ram Card

Post by Kirk Strause » Wed, 23 Dec 1998 04:00:00

>One more question, if I had a 8up! card with 8megs of ram on it would a
>Picasso-IV card/Voodoo combo still work? Or would that be too much ram
>on the bus?

As long as the P-IV's running in Zorro-3 mode, and I can't imagine why it
wouldn't be, you shouldn't have any problem.  I have a DKB 3128 Zorro-3
RAM board with 48MB on it, and it plays nicely with my P-IV (see
http://csc.smsu.edu/~strauser/honeypot.html for details).  However, since
8MB is the limit of Zorro-2 address space, you probably won't be able to
add any more Z2 expansions with on-board memory.

Just a note, though: I can pretty much promise you that the 8up!'s a
memory card, which means that you're hitting a *severe* speed bottleneck
when accessing that memory.  May I suggest running "busspeed" (Aminet?)
and seeing what your results are?  And if you do, would you post them back
here?  I'm kind of personally curious.

At any rate, I'm glad you got it working!



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