FracSaver 5.0, fractal & Alife freeware screen saver update

FracSaver 5.0, fractal & Alife freeware screen saver update

Post by Steve » Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:00:00

FracSaver 5.0 is now available, check

FracSaver is the freeware Fractal and ALife screen saver for Windows 95, 98
& NT 4/5. Now includes 45 separate modules, many with user definable
parameters. The interface allows you to add each module as a new instance,
or delete as you like, then display them randomly in the screen saver

 Version 5.0 introduces previews of the modules within the config box, less
bugs and a bit more bloatware (so, whats new?). FracSaver is now compiled in
Visual Basic 6, meaning the old runtimes (for VB5) for pre fracsaver 4 are
redundant. The 1 meg download is a self extracting exe containging all
necersary files.

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Announcing the Floys Aquarium Screen Saver

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Floys are artificial life creatures. They are social (they tend to live in
groups) and territorial (they tend to defend their territory).

The Floys screen saver displays a group of red Floys swimming in an
aquarium. A yellow Floy, a stranger, is chased and hit by the red ones, who
cannot stand any foreigner in their territory.

This is a screen saver implementation of the Floys Alife Java applets (free
source in

The Floys Screen Saver is fully customizable: you can define its size (to
correspond to your display resolution), the number of Floys, the speed of
movement and other behavioral parameters and also the background image.

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