Fuzzy Control Schedule, April 19-20

Fuzzy Control Schedule, April 19-20

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Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455

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1992-93 Program

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     |             FUZZY  CONTROL             |  
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     |           April 19 - 20, 1993          |
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            Organizer:  P. R. Kumar

 Invited Speakers: S. Kawaji, K. Tanaka, E. Uchino
         S. Yasunobu and G. Vachtsevanos

   Supported by a grant from Honeywell Corporation  

In recent years many successful designs based on fuzzy control
have been reported.  In  this minisymposium our aim is to
obtain first hand accounts of these control systems from the
very designers of these systems. The topics to be covered
include the role envisaged by the the designers for the fuzzy
control methodology, a clear and step-by-step description of
the fuzzy control approach to control system design, and a
description of some of the successful fuzzy control system
designs for trains, washing machines, cameras, automobiles,
etc. Finally, there will be a roundtable discussion featuring
both experts in fuzzy control  system design and other
approaches, for the purpose of assessing the utility of the
fuzzy approach to control system design and comparing it to
other alternative control system  design methodologies.

The IMA has no registration fee and provides office space,
computer and secretarial support to preregistered participants
during workshops and minisymposia. To preregister for this event,
contact the IMA.

Monday, April 19
Registration (8:45 AM)

P.R. Kumar (University of Illinois/IMA)
    Introductory remarks

Eiji Uchino (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
    Introduction to fuzzy logic control

Kazuo Tanaka (Kanazawa University)
    Design of fuzzy phase-lead compensators and self-learning
    by neural networks

Open panel discussion    

Evening banquet

Tuesday, April 20
Seiji Yasunobu (University of Tsukuba)
    Fuzzy control methods and their real system applications  

Shigeyasu Kawaji (Kumamoto University)
    Analysis and design of fuzzy control systems  

Open discussion  

George Vachtsevanos (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    A systematic methodology for the  optimum design of
    fuzzy logic controllers  

(The last talk ends at 4:30 PM.)    

PARTICIPATING INSTITUTIONS:Centre National de la Recherche
Scientifique, Consiglio Nazionale delle
Ricerche,  Georgia Institute of Technology,
Indiana University,  Iowa State University,   Kent State
University, Michigan State University, Northern Illinois
University, Northwestern University,   Ohio State
University,  Pennsylvania State University, Purdue
University, University   of Chicago, University of
Cincinnati,     University of Houston, University of
Illinois (Chicago), University of Illinois (Urbana),
University of Iowa, University of Kentucky,  University of
Manitoba, University of Maryland, University of Michigan,
University of Minnesota, University of Notre Dame,
University of Pittsburgh, Wayne State University
PARTICIPATING CORPORATIONS:Bellcore, Cray Research, Eastman
Kodak, EPRI, Ford, General Motors, Honeywell, IBM,  
Kao, Motorola, Paramax, Siemens, 3M,