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Newsgroups (aka Usenet) are an important source of active email addresses
for spammers. Harvesting Software scans all groups and grabs the addresses
of posters. If you post a message on a newsgroup using your real address,
you can be sure that you will get spam.

Spammers also use software to search the web for email addresses posted on
websites. If you post your email address in plain text on your website, it
is only a matter of time before this software finds it.

You can look up "HARVESTING SOFTWARE" on Google:


"Our country puts $1 billion a year up to help feed the hungry. And we're by
far the most generous nation in the world when it comes to that, and I'm
proud to report that. This isn't a contest of who's the most generous. I'm
just telling you as an aside. We're generous. We shouldn't be bragging about
it. But we are. We're very generous."

 - Washinton D.C., July 16, 2003
President Bushisms


1. Get free AI virus protection used by DEA, FBI and Secret Service

        I found a software program which may be of interest to you. The
software is called Immune II. This software
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        Immune II has been installed in thousands of Pcs worldwide, and
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how protected you think you are, you are more than likely sacrificing
performance with undetected viruses.

        Once you install Immune II, you will most likely find a virus in
your computer within two weeks, maybe sooner.
This is state of the art software which uses a number of tests to
identify and clean infected files and memory areas.
Immune II is already in use at Intel, Department of Defense, FBI,
WalMart, U.S. Postal Service, DEA and US Secret
Service.  It's easy to get a free trial copy, just reply to this message.
Please include your name, e-mail address, mailing
address, telephone number and your occupation and start the subject with
-Free Immune II.  I'll e-mail you the sample
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        I'm also looking for computer consultants who would like to
distribute the software to their clients.  Some
territories are spoken for.  I have found that the consultants who
distribute the software are making their clients very
happy and are gaining many new clients.  If you would like to be
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Brad Richdale


Brad Richdale

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