From Natural Languages to Formal Languages

From Natural Languages to Formal Languages

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I'm a new PhD student. My  project is in the area of NLP. It is to generate
Formal specifications (Z) from informal (English) description of computer
programs by applying the existing techniques of NLP.
I'm interducing my self to people who are interested in this area of research.
I would be very happy if anyone give me (ideas, papers, tech reports, useful
sites, etc. ).

Dep. of Copmputer Sc
Uni. of Sheffield


1. . Natural Language Interface to MS-DOS for the Greek language

                                                 TAI '95: Abstracts (p52

     S.E. Michos, G.D. Magoulas, and N. Fakotakis                      
     University of Patras                                              

     In this paper, a hybrid model for representing knowledge in a      
     Natural Language Interface to MS-DOS for the Greek language is      
     presented. This model employs semantic knowledge of the operating  
     system domain to develop a hybrid architecture integrating symbolic
     and connectionist modules for recognizing the MS-DOS command labels
     of related or unrelated successive natural language user messages.
     This approach was deeply motivated by handling ellipsis, ambiguity
     and flexibility of sentence structure as better as possible. A    
     comparative experimental evaluation of this approach to a symbolic
     one illustrating their pros and cons is also given. Finally, ways  
     of extending this model are proposed with the view of making the  
     Natural Language Interface more user friendly and functional.      

     Keywords: Natural language interfaces, Connectionist knowledge    
     representation, Associative recall, Adaptive Resonance Theory      

      Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Tools with
                Artificial Intelligence (TAI '95)
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