CFP: Call for Tutorials (IEEE Data Mining 2002)

CFP: Call for Tutorials (IEEE Data Mining 2002)

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   ICDM '02: The 2002 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
             Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society
             Maebashi TERRSA, Maebashi City, Japan
                  December, 9 - 12, 2002
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              IEEE ICDM 2002: Call for Tutorials

The 2002 IEEE International Conference  on Data Mining (ICDM '02) will
include tutorials  providing in-depth background  on specific subjects
in data mining.  The recency of the data mining field, and the variety
of disciplines  that are represented,  lead to many  possibilities for
good tutorials:

   * End-to-end  descriptions  of the  practical  application of  data
     mining technology (i.e., applications that may be "typical" for a
     paper, but  provide an example of  issues faced in  a data mining
     project that would generalize to problems faced by the conference
     attendees)  in  emerging  data mining  application areas  such as
     bioinformatics,  medical applications,  electronic commerce,  Web
     Intelligence and Business Intelligence.
   * Surveys   of  new   and   developing  research   areas  in   data
     mining (e.g.,  areas  of  structured, textual, temporal, spatial,
     multimedia,  Web, distributed, scientific  data mining, data pre-
     processing,  data reduction,  data sampling,  feature  selection,
     feature  transformation,  man-machine interaction  in data mining
     and visual data mining).
   * Short  courses  on  areas  of  machine  learning,  databases,  or
     statistics  that  may  be   "old  hat"  to  specialists  in  that
     discipline,  but  are  new   to  a  majority  of  the  conference
     attendees. (e.g., an introduction to Hidden Markov Models).
   * An in-depth coverage of a past research breakthrough  that is now
     becoming a mature technology.

The topics of interest  fall within those described  in the conference
Call for Papers (Home Page:
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Submission Details

The tutorial proposal should include the following:

  1. Title and abstract of the tutorial;
  2. Intended audience. Include prerequisite knowledge required of the
     attendees, and  the expected areas  of interest (e.g., a tutorial  
     on statistics for people applying data mining  tools vs. a tutorial  
     on statistics  for people  building  data mining tools);
  3. Length of time needed (e.g., half day or full day); and
  4. Short biographies of the presenters.

Tutorial materials such  as handouts and slides should  be included if
available,  but are  not required  for submission.  However, providing
such materials will show depth  and maturity of the tutorial, and will
be a strong factor in the selection process.

Please   send  a   soft   copy   (preferred)  of   your  proposal   to

     Prof. Takashi Washio (Tutorials Chair)
     I.S.I.R., Osaka University
     8-1, Mihogaoka, Ibaraki City,
     Osaka, 567-0047,

Important Dates

     June 30, 2002: Tutorial submissions.
     July 31, 2002: Acceptance notices.
   August 31, 2002: Camera-ready copy of tutorial handouts.
  December 9, 2002: ICDM '02 tutorials.

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