AI Job Offerred -- Position Filled

AI Job Offerred -- Position Filled

Post by Tom Gr » Tue, 02 May 1995 04:00:00

Recently Mitel Corporation posted a notice for an AI job available
in this newsgroup. The response in both qunatiy and quality of
applicats was extremely good. We are pleased to announce that the
position has been filled.



1. JOB-OFFERED: Applied Research Positions

** Creative Research & Engineering Opportunities**

Immediate openings for creative problem solvers -- to become
Principal Investigators.  We value independent thinking in a team

You will develop and implement testbeds for cutting edge

*  Image Analysis, Understanding, and Processing
*  Evolutionary Computation & Complex Adaptive Systems
*  Neural Nets & Fuzzy Logic
*  Autonomous Agents
*  Cognitive Systems Engineering
*  Automatic Object Recognition
*  Virtual World Analysis and Construction

Your toolkit should include:

*  Strong math and/or physics modeling abilities
*  Proficiency in C (C++ preferred) & algorithm development
*  M.S. or Ph.D. in computer science, applied mathematics,
    cognitive systems engineering, electrical engineering, or related field
*  U.S. citizen ready to work in a smoke-free environment  

Send hard copy of resume and salary history (through U.S. "snail" mail)
to Creative Optics, Inc., Attention: Human Resource Department,
360 State Rte 101 Suite 201, Bedford NH,  03110.  

(Absolutely no telephone calls, please.)

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