problem with alicebot (programd)

problem with alicebot (programd)

Post by delay » Wed, 20 Aug 2003 19:15:23


i have a problem with the alicebot, i use programd.
I tried to get it connected to a irc channel but it doesnt join a
It says: unknown command:Join.

Could you help my?
I configured the startup.xml how it was in the comments described.

Or could you please give me a link to a good tutorial for configuring
alicebot for irc?

i just started with the alicebot so im glad about every help.



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Hi guys,
I'm trying to find the ALICE chatbot in Java form for download.
I've been to but it looks a bit neglected and the links are
As I understand, the main "brain" or database of Alice will be in Java form
using a HTML interface.

Also, does anyone have any idea how this was customized using the hi-tech
interface seen on

Essentially, I want to deploy an alicebot on my own web server using a web
language like Java, I can also use Javascripting, CGI, CSS (+JS=DHTML) for
the interface and am reasonably competent with XHTML and CSS.
The servers are Unix, so can't use any Microsoft stuff like sql or .net

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