Java/C++ developer/AI researcher wanted for Greensboro/RTP NC

Java/C++ developer/AI researcher wanted for Greensboro/RTP NC

Post by David Goldste » Sun, 27 Jul 1997 04:00:00

We are a rapidly growing small business specializing in developing the
worlds most advanced WWW tools for the Air Force, Army and Navy.  Our
each individual viewer, including creating custom animation, evaluate for
human factors, etc.

We are currently have 2 immediate openings that could be satisfied in
either our Durham or Greensboro office.  Our products are all built upon
CLIPS (as are almost every expert system-based tool) and are tightly
integrated to the WWW.  Our most immediate project is developing advanced
authroing mechanisms for intelligence tutoring systems.

Our offices are centered around 2 of the top 10 fastest growing regions in
the country.  Just today it was announced that Iomega is opening a shop in
Greensboro.  North Carolina is known for its quality of life and
institutions of higher learning, and both facilities are near both the
beach and mountains (1-3 hours away).

resume or vitae, salary requirements, and visa status.


1. Immediate openings for AI/Java Researchers, Post docs, developers

Wise Web softWare has immediate openings for three individuals.  We are a
very flexible, research-oriented company, embracing telecommuting, employee
ownership, and stylized work environments in order to produce research and
development of some of the most advanced software technology available.

These positions are for performing research, and developing software in,
Web-based intelligent tutoring systems.  This government-sponsored project
stems from our existing line of tools in WWW-based expert systems,
training, and customer support tools.

The positions will be in Research Triangle Park and Greensboro, NC.  Team
members are expected to meet with other company personnel at least once or
twice per week, but are otherwise free to work as they please.  We offer
competitive salary, academic collaboration, conference support, graduate
student support, etc.  Our offices are located approximately two hours from
both the mountains and ocean, and are both in the top ten U.S. cities (of
their respective population sizes) for quality of life. We are interested
in results, intellect, and capabilities: entry level candidates, foreign
nationals, etc., should feel free to apply.

letter your approximate salary requirements and availability.  Thank you
very much.

David Goldstein, Ph.D.

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