Special Issue:Believing on the Basis of the Evidence

Special Issue:Believing on the Basis of the Evidence

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Computational Intelligence is pleased to announce the release of
issue 10:1, a taking issue guest-edited by Eric Neufeld of the
Department of Computational Science at the University of Saskatchewan.
A short outline of the issue theme and contents follows below
along with subscription/ordering information and submission information.


In ``Believing on the Basis of the Evidence'', Henry E. Kyburg, Jr.,
presents his theory of evidential probability which gives a careful
account of evidence, certain and uncertain knowledge, practical belief
and inference.  These entities are encountered in the AI literature as
facts, defaults, assumptions, theories and explanations.  This Taking
Issue contains 18 commentaries from distinguished scholars in the
areas of probability, philosophy, and artificial intelligence
(including writers from both the uncertainty and nonmonotonic
reasoning communities).

It has been said that the nonmonotonic reasoning subculture is
flourishing, yet its technically sophisticated literature has become
inaccessible to the average AI practitioner, not to mention some
knowledge representation specialists.  Kyburg's comprehensive theory
and the diverse commentaries on it will give the reader a deeper
understanding of the issues and the technical challenges involved in
this important foundational area.

Position Paper:
Believing on the Basis of the Evidence
  Henry E. Kyburg, Jr.  

A Response to "Believing on the Basis of the Evidence"
  Fahiem Bacchuis, Adam Grove, Joseph Y. Halpern, & Daphne Koller

Believing on the Basis of Qualitative Rules: Commentary on Kyburg
  Craig Boutilier

On Accepting Acceptance
  Peter Cheeseman

On a General Approach to Hedged Reasoning
  James P. Delgrande

Inference and Acceptance: Comment on Kyburg's "Believing on the Basis
of the Evidence"
  Jon Doyle

Evidential Probabilities Are Not Enough
  James H. Fetzer

Hedges, Background Knowledge, and Evidence: A Reply to Kyburg's "Believing
on the Basis of the Evidence"
  Moises Goldszmidt

Contribution to the Discussion of Henry E. Kyburg, Jr.'s "Believing on the
Basis of the Evidence"
  I.J. Good

Justification, Probability, and Consistency
  Robert F. Hadley

Commentary on Kyburg
  David Israel

Hedging Acceptance
  Isaac Levi

Kyburg and Volkswagens
  Ronald Loui

Evidence, Belief, and Inference
  Charles G. Morgan

The Role of Probability in Epistemology
  John L. Pollock

Discussion of Kyburg's "Believing on the Basis of the Evidence"
  Prakash P. Shenoy

Believing on the Basis of the Evidence: Answer to Kyburg's Paper
  Phillipe Smets

Philosophy as Engineering
  Lynn Andrea Stein

Kyburgian Acceptance: A Rejection, Hedged
  Michael P. Wellman

Closing Response:
Logic, Science, and Engineering
  Henry E. Kyburg, Jr.

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