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Vendo joystick winman extreme digital.
6.000 pts.
Antiguedad 1 a?o. Poco uso.
Ideal para juegos de naves y simuladores de vuelo.

1. FS: Amiga Joysticks , C64 Joysticks , Atari Joysticks

The "Wico" is the black and grey with the white button on the top of the

joystick itself.  It's BOSS precision-engineered.

The "Starmaster" is red base, black handle, button on the top of the
stick, and on the red base in the top left corner.

The "Captain Grant" is Black base, black stick, with red button on top
of the joystick and top left corner of the base.  It has suction cups
that work on very smooth surfaces.

These three listed above are all $19.95 each.

We also have a "Quickshot for professional players" with suction cups,
top of joystick mounted button and "pistol style" fire button.  Includes

a auto fire switch as well as an A, B, C, D switch. (A mode is
Atari/Commodore, B mode is MSX, C mode is AMSTRAD, and D mode is SEGA)
$39.95 for this one.

All of them are reconditioned and in great condition.  The Quickshot is
in mint condition (you'd never know it was used).  The captain grant is
discounted $5.00 because of a crack on the base on the bottom, but it is

fully function


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