2nd CFV and VOTE ACK: comp.lang.pop

2nd CFV and VOTE ACK: comp.lang.pop

Post by Ian Roge » Thu, 15 Oct 1992 00:41:18

This is the 2nd Call For Votes on a new group 'comp.lang.pop' (unmoderated).

The RFD was posted on August 24. The 1st CVF was posted on September 24th.

Voting is still open and ends at 12 midnight (GMT), Saturday 24th October

In accordance with guidelines, votes should be unambiguous and should only
address this single issue. Two separate aliases have been set up for the vote
taking process.

        YES votes should be of the form:

Subject: I vote yes to comp.lang.pop

        NO votes should be of the form:

Subject: I vote no to comp.lang.pop

---- comp.lang.pop Charter ----------------------------------------------

The group would serve for discussions on the programming language Pop11, and
related environments, libraries, languages and the Plug User Group.

Relevant topics, in this group, would cover all aspects of Pop11 programming
(from novice questions to expert efficiency issues) and the current BSI
standards effort (Pop9x), and how it relates to other languages of this type
(e.g. GLOW, Pepper).

Also relevant would be conversations about the Poplog programming environment
and its libraries. Eg.

    OOP in Pop11 Flavours, or objectclass etc. and how they relate to other
        OOP languages (C++, CLOS etc.)
    X windows hacking in Pop11 and the Poplog widget set.
    Mixed language programming (eg. between Lisp/Pop11/Prolog/ML/C etc.) that
        is supported in Poplog but isn't relevant for discussion in other,
        pure language, groups
    Techniques for Artificial Intelligence programming (it is an AI language
        after all :)

and so on.

The group would be gatewayed, at Univ. of Sussex, onto the mailing list for
the industrial members with no internet access.

--- Vote Acknowledgement ----------------------------------------------

Thank you to those who have taken an interest so far:

    Richard Dallaway <richardd>
    Simon Nichols <simonn>

    James Goodlet <jamesg>