Undergrad & ALife

Undergrad & ALife

Post by Thomas J. Johnso » Fri, 28 May 1999 04:00:00

So what should an undergrad who wants to go on to graduate studies in ALife
study? I'm currently pursuing a major that I designed with elements of
biology, math, and computer sciene. I'm hoping to do an ALife simulator as
my senior project, maybe something combining ALife and CAs. Any

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I was not thinking of anything commercial, I just write for fun
and enjoyment and have never made a penny from anything I've done.

What I meant was that with the source code availible, if I can
twist it a bit to run on my computer (an Atari at the moment)
I will have done something new and interesting (to me, anyway)
and will have a program that otherwise I would not have.  

I would not go as far as saying that there would be a demand for
commercial AL applications on other types of computers, but I do
think that there must be more people out there who, for one reason
or another, don't have PCs but still would take an interest in this
type of program.



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