Q.: ANN & Ecological Interactions?

Q.: ANN & Ecological Interactions?

Post by Vladimir A. Vissikirsk » Mon, 02 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I would appreciate if someone could suggest me some references to
publications, sites, etc., concerning the applications of ANN
to estimate the interactions within different ecological chains,
especially such as soil-plant. In particular, relationships
between a set of chemical elements in soil and in a plant, where their
concentrations would be respectively input and output variables.
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1. Qs: About AI & KBS

Hello all. I would like to ask some qustions about AI and KBS.
Here are the questions:
1. What are the differences between AI and Knowledge Based System?
2. Is a KBS system is a natural language program? What it is? How
different natural language and a programming language?
3. How KBS can be used to support decision making? What are the
4. What is a role of a user of KBS in the process of design of the
5. If you were asked to be involved in the process of validation of a
KBS. What are the steps and activities you would perfrom/recommend ?
6. What kind of mistakes KBS make and WHY?
7. Do you agree that it is easier to correct mistakes in KBS then in
conventional programs? What is your reasons?
8. How important is influence diagram in KBS development?
9. What is Knowledge Engineer? How different knowledge engineer with
expert? What is knowledge representation and knowledge acquisition?
10. What is Backwar-Chaining and Forward-Chaining?
11. Can a KBS be constructed without any factual knowledge? How? Why?
12. How different between knowledge engineer and system analysts? What
are the major tasks they performs?

I'll be very happy if someone can answer my questions, as it would
broaden my knowledge in this area.

Thanks in advance.

All answer can be send to my mail

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