Powerful Technique 6737

Powerful Technique 6737

Post by Martin Sewel » Mon, 22 Jan 2001 09:11:14

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1. 2 Questions: Simple techniques and OO Techniques

err, sorry about that last non-content post.

Hey, I used to play around in the late 70's with NLP using BASIC
(yeah, BASIC).  I could parse simple ZORK-like sentences, like
"put the yellow knob in the green basket".

Now, I want to get back into NLP.  I'm sure much progress has
been made since I last touched the subject.  I am now using
Smalltalk (pure OO language BTW).

So, I would like info on how to do NLP in terms of OO.
I want to start simple and be practical.  I am looking for any good
simple guides to NLP from 2 perspectives:

1.  How to analyze text in terms of the natural language itself
    (surefire diagramming techniques (for dummies)), and

2.  How to implement #1 in object-oriented programming,
    especially Smalltalk, but any 'ole OOP will do.

This is for my own gratification at first, and possibly
my master's thesis eventually.

Thanks much in advance!


==  IBM Software Solutions, IBM Smalltalk and VisualAge Team

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