Intelligent Training/Tutoring Conference

Intelligent Training/Tutoring Conference

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                   Announcement and Call for Papers

        1991 Conference on Intelligent Computer-Aided Training

                       November 20-22, 1991
                          Gilruth Center
                     NASA/Johnson Space Center
                          Houston, Texas

                           sponsored by

                     Software Technology Branch
                    Information Systems Division
                     NASA/Johnson Space Center

                     Intelligent Systems Branch
                        Armstrong Laboratory
                       Brooks Air Force Base

Over twenty years have passed since the first efforts to apply
artificial intelligence to training and tutoring began to bear
fruit.  This conference will address the current state-of-the-art
in intelligent computer-aided training and tutoring systems.  
Workers from industry, government, and academia will describe the
maturation of this technology from prototypes to fielded,
operational systems.  Plenary sessions featuring invited speakers
will be interspersed with contributed paper sessions (in poster
format) that will permit those attending to explore the diversity
that now characterizes this field of endeavor.  A large exhibit
area will feature the latest in commercially-available systems as
well as demonstrations from leading laboratories.

Conference Chairman                         Conference Co-Chairman
Robert T. Savely, Chief                  Major James Parlett,Chief
Software Technology Branch              Intelligent Systems Branch
Information Systems Division                  Armstrong Laboratory
NASA/Johnson Space Center                    Brooks Air Force Base

Program Committee

R. Bowen Loftin, Chairman
University of Houston-Downtown
Joseph Giarratano, Associate Chairman
University of Houston-Clear Lake
Susan Chipman, ONR/USN
Chris Dede, George Mason University
Frank Hughes, NASA/JSC
Vern Malec, NPRDC/USN
Joe Psotka, ARI/USA
J. Wes Regian, AL/USAF
Valerie J. Shute, AL/USAF
Walt Truszkowski, NASA/GSFC

Exhibits Committee

Charles Pitman, Chairman
Bette Benson
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Ellis Henry, INET

Administrative Committee

Carla Armstrong
Barrios Technology
Glenn Friedman
University of Houston-Clear Lake
Don Myers
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Contributed Papers:

Papers are sought that describe mature applications of the
technology or that identify significant research issues the
resolution of which will advance the state of the technology.

Submit Abstracts (250 words maximum) by August 15, 1991, to:

Dr. R. Bowen Loftin
Mail Code PT4
NASA/Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX 77058
713-483-8070 (Voice)
713-483-5200 (FAX)

Exhibitor Information:

Ms. Bette Benson
University of Houston-
Clear Lake, Room 258
2700 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058
713-282-2221 (Voice)
713-282-2249 (FAX)

Registration Information:

Ms. Carla Armstrong
Mail Code PT4
NASA/Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX 77058
713-483-9071 (Voice)
713-483-5200 (FAX)


1. International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems

                    Updated Call for Papers


                        1-3  JUNE  1988
                        MONTREAL, CANADA

Conference Objectives: ITS 88 will be a forum for presenting new
results in research, development, and applications of intelligent
tutoring systems.  The aims of the conference are to bring together
specialists in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Education, to
share state of the art information among the attendees and to outline
future developments of ITS and their applications.

Topics of interest: The ITS 88 Conference will accept scientific and
techincal papers on all areas of ITS development, but will primarily
focus on the following areas:

  Learning environments
  Methodologies and architectures for educational systems
  AI programming environments for educational use
  Student modelling and cognitive diagnosis
  Curriculum and knowledge representation
  Evaluation of tutoring systems
  Theoretical foundations of ITS
  Knowledge acquisition in ITS
  Design issues in building ITS
  Practical uses of ITS
  Empirical aspects of ITS

Program Committee Chairs are Prof. Gregor Bochmann of the University
of Montreal and Dr. Marlene Jones of the Alberta Research Council.

Program Committee: Ehud Bar-On, Dick Bierman, Jeffrey Bonar, Lorne
Bouchard, Jacqueline Bourdeau, Bernard Causse, Andy diSessa, Philippe
Duchastel, Gerhard Fischer, Jim Greer, Wayne Harvey, Lewis Johnson,
Heniz Mandl, Stuart Macmillan, Gordon McCalla, Vitoro Midoro, Riichiro
Mizoguchi, Andre Ouellet, Maryse Quere, Brian Reiser, Lauren Resnick,
John Self, Derek Sleeman, Elliot Soloway, Hans Spada, Georges Stamon,
Harold Stolovitch, Akira Takeuchi, Martial Vivet, Karl Wender, Beverly
Woolf, Massoud Yazdani.

Authors are requested to submit 5 copies (in English or French) of a
double-spaced manuscript of up to 5000 words by 15 December 1987 to:

  Prof. Gregor Bochmann
  Department d'informatique et de recherche operationnelle
  Universite de Monteal
  C.P. 6128, Succ "A"
  Montreal CANADA
  H3C 3J7

Authors will be notified of acceptance by February 29, 1988. Camera-ready
copies will be due April 10, 1988.

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