technosphere data analysis

technosphere data analysis

Post by Jonath » Fri, 01 Nov 2002 02:01:53

Some of you will probably know the technosphere project on the
internet. ( ). Over the years, an
impressive database of living and died creatures was built. Since we
dont get to see much statistical results of the project, I had this
idea to analyse the data myself. The only problem I have is to collect
the data from all those creatures.
Does anyone of you has any ideas on how to collect the data from
thousands of different url's? I fear that this is not a simple task
and I am not that good in programming. (I have little knowledge of
vbscript for applications with excel).
Please let me hear your feedback.

technosphere data analysis

Post by Barron Gillo » Fri, 01 Nov 2002 16:41:21

It would be a simple matter to write a Unix shell script that grabs reports
for all the creatures and picks out relevant information.  What do you want
to know?



technosphere data analysis

Post by Jonath » Sat, 02 Nov 2002 22:37:42

On the creature information page :
When the creature was born
When the creature died
Top speed
Distance travelled            
Total eaten                                                        
Food gauge
Has killed

Carnivore or Herbivore
The different parts which compose the creature.
--> This means I need the filename of the picture on the infopage of
the creature as a result. This filename (.jpg) can be found in the
source code (line 23)

On the family tree page :
The ID's of parents and children of the creature

On the kill list page :
ID's that are on the creature's kill list

On the maps page :
The creature's position

With this information I will be able to give answers on for example
the following questions :
Which creature type is most succesful?
How did the demographic situation evolve over time?
Is there a correlation between the size of the total population and
the average age?
Basically finding out which parameters are correlated to each other.



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